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Account Help

Help Logging In

Occasionally, a user might have a problem logging into, usually due to a password issue.

Please check and try the following suggestions to assist you when having problems logging in:

  1. Do a password reset for your account. The password reset page can be found here.
  2. Make sure the date and time on your computer are correct. If the date and time are off, it can cause cookie problems which can prevent login from occurring.
  3. If you are running Norton Internet, MacAfee, and especially CA's Firewall, please make sure they are configured to allow cookies from
  4. Make sure your browser is allowing cookies from Most browsers are configured by default to allow cookies, however, if you have been over-zealous on your security settings and changed the defaults you'll want to review your settings to make sure you are not blocking cookies from
  5. If you have checked all this - and you still are having a problem, you can contact support here.

Changing Your Username

You can change your own username and other account settings here. You must use your amateur radio callsign as your username. Any accounts not utilizing an amateur radio call sign will be deleted. Amateur radio callsign change.

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