Repeater ratings
Ratings and reviews's ratings feature lets you tell other visitors about your experience with a repeater. This may be especially helpful to hams who may be unfamiliar with the area and planning a trip.



Each rating category represents a separate aspect of the repeater. The categories are designed to help those without a knowledge of the repeater understand its dynamic. Higher numbers do not always translate to better, nor do lower numbers always translate to worse.

  • Quality is the characteristic of the repeater's overall ability to eliminate noise and interference. It also is a reflection of its audio. In this case, a higher number is better.
  • Coverage is the radius of area within the repeater's range. Long distance repeater's should be scored higher and local repeaters should be scored lower. In this case, higher or lower numbers are not better or worse, but more a measure of its range.
  • Activity is how busy the repeater is. A higher number is more busy than a lower number. Higher scores do not necessarily mean better, it is only a measure of the likelihood of a QSO occurring on the repeater at any given time.
  • Features are the number of control options given to the users. A lower score means fewer functions are available as opposed to a higher number which provides many functions to users.



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What do these ratings mean?

The following guide is meant to show you some of the components of our user ratings and reviews and help you understand what each means.

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