Hazard, Buffalo Mountain, Kentucky, 444.825, KY4MT Repeater

Hazard, Buffalo Mountain - KY4MT

Repeater ID: 21-243

Frequency: 444.8250+
Input Freq: 449.8250
Color Code: 1
Location: Hazard, Buffalo Mountain
County: Perry
State: Kentucky
Grid: EM87je
Call: KY4MT
Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air
Coverage: Perry County
Sponsor: KY Mountains Amateur Radio Club
DMR TGs: This repeater is affiliated with the BrandMeister US Network.
Assignment TS TG Access
Worldwide English191
North America193
English 11913
European English1923
Emcom US19911
Regional 0131090
Regional 1131091
Regional 2131092
Regional 3131093
Regional 4131094
Regional 5131095
Regional 6131096
Regional 7131097
Regional 8131098
Regional 9131099
TAC 3102310
TAC 3112311
TAC 3122312
TAC 3132313
TAC 3142314
USA - Nationwide23100
Alabama Statewide23101
Alaska Statewide23102
Arizona Statewide23104
Arkansas Statewide23105
California Statewide23106
Colorado Statewide23108
Connecticut Statewide23109
Delaware Statewide23110
Washington, D.C. Statewide23111
Florida Statewide23112
Georgia Statewide23113
Hawaii Statewide23115
Idaho Statewide23116
Illinois Statewide23117
Indiana Statewide23118
Iowa Statewide23119
Kansas Statewide23120
Kentucky Statewide23121
Louisiana Statewide23122
Maine Statewide23123
Maryland Statewide23124
Massachusetts Statewide23125
Michigan Statewide23126
Minnesota Statewide23127
Mississippi Statewide23128
Missouri Statewide23129
Montana Statewide23130
Nebraska Statewide23131
Nevada Statewide23132
New Hampshire Statewide23133
New Jersey Statewide23134
New Mexico Statewide23135
New York Statewide23136
North Carolina Statewide23137
North Dakota Statewide23138
Ohio Statewide23139
Oklahoma Statewide23140
Oregon Statewide23141
Pennsylvania Statewide23142
Rhode Island Statewide23144
South Carolina Statewide23145
South Dakota Statewide23146
Tennessee Statewide23147
Texas Statewide23148
Utah Statewide23149
Vermont Statewide23150
Virginia Statewide23151
Washington Statewide23153
West Virginia Statewide23154
Wisconsin Statewide23155
Wyoming Statewide23156
Notes: TS1 - All on-demand TG's; TG3148 TX Tech Net each Tue from 19:30 to 22:30; TG 3147 TN Statewide Net each Fri from 19:30 to 22:30. TS2 - KY Statewide Static & Local TG's.
Nets: Thur at 20:00 eastern - TG3121 Ky Statewide DMR Net

Call Date Details
KY4JLB 2017-11-21 On air.
KK4WH 2017-09-04 Added