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Frequency Offset Tone Location State Call  Use Operational status
144.9800 +2.5 MHz CC1 Scott LA K5LPD OPEN ON-AIR
145.2500 -0.6 MHz CC7 Thornville OH AC8GI OPEN ON-AIR
145.2650 -0.6 MHz CC2 Fort Collins , Horsetooth Mountain CO KB0VGD OPEN ON-AIR
145.2700 -0.6 MHz CC2 Philadelphia PA W3PVI OPEN OFF-AIR
146.4750 +1 MHz CC1 Lock Haven PA W3LHU OPEN ON-AIR
146.8950 -0.6 MHz CC7 Ray OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
147.0900 +0.6 MHz CC1 Williamsport, Bald Eagle Mountain PA KB3HLL OPEN ON-AIR
435.0000 +0.6 MHz CC7 Atwater OH W8FAA OPEN ON-AIR
438.2500 -7.6 MHz CC8 Gyor HU HG1RUE OPEN ON-AIR
440.5125 +5 MHz CC7 Hampton VA K4LCT OPEN ON-AIR
440.5500 +5 MHz CC1 Knoxville, Sharps Ridge TN W4KEV OPEN ON-AIR
440.5750 +5 MHz CC1 Sevierville, Bluff Mountain TN WB4GBI OPEN ON-AIR
440.7250 +5 MHz CC1 Dayton TN KK4GGK OPEN ON-AIR
440.8625 +5 MHz CC1 Vernon CT AA1HD OPEN ON-AIR
442.0500 +5 MHz CC1 Avon CT W1HDN OPEN ON-AIR
442.1125 +5 MHz CC7 Willow Wood OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
442.1250 +5 MHz CC9 Lake Geneva WI KB9LTE OPEN ON-AIR
442.1750 +5 MHz CC0 Clarksfield OH AL7OP OPEN ON-AIR
442.2000 +5 MHz CC7 Stoutsville OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
442.2500 +5 MHz CC1 Edmonton AB VE6EMS OPEN ON-AIR
442.2500 +5 MHz CC1 North Creek NY W2WCR OPEN ON-AIR
442.2625 -398 MHz CC1 Moline MI K8SN OPEN ON-AIR
442.3000 +5 MHz CC3 Cold Spring MN W0SAV OPEN ON-AIR
442.3000 +5 MHz CC1 North Hebron NY N2ZTC OPEN ON-AIR
442.4250 +5 MHz CC7 Chillicothe OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
442.4750 +5 MHz CC7 Marietta OH N8OJ OPEN ON-AIR
442.4750 +5 MHz CC7 Medina OH KD8AVO OPEN ON-AIR
442.4750 +5 MHz CC7 Wadsworth OH KD8DRG OPEN ON-AIR
442.6000 +5 MHz CC1 Donalds SC WJ4X OPEN ON-AIR
442.6500 +5 MHz CC1 Truro Heights NS VA1DIG OPEN ON-AIR
442.7250 +5 MHz CC7 Marietta OH N8OJ OPEN ON-AIR
442.8500 +5 MHz CC9 Burlington WI WB9COW OPEN ON-AIR
442.9000 +5 MHz CC7 Marietta OH W8JL OPEN ON-AIR
442.9125 +5 MHz CC1 Bethpage TN K4OZE OPEN ON-AIR
443.0125 +5 MHz CC2 Avon Lake OH K8CMI OPEN OFF-AIR
443.1000 +5 MHz CC1 Bloomington MN N0NKI OPEN ON-AIR
443.1125 +5 MHz CC7 Minford OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
443.1250 +5 MHz CC1 Burnsville, Buck Hill MN N0AGI OPEN ON-AIR
443.2000 +5 MHz CC1 London, Raccoon Mountain KY KE4GJG OPEN ON-AIR
443.2500 +5 MHz CC1 Wellston OH N8OJ OPEN ON-AIR
443.2500 +5 MHz CC7 Youngstown OH W8IZC OPEN ON-AIR
443.2625 +5 MHz CC7 Huber Heights, W8BI Club Station OH K1CCN OPEN ON-AIR
443.3250 +5 MHz CC1 Lockport LA KD5JFE OPEN ON-AIR
443.4500 +5 MHz CC7 Marysville OH K8JWL OPEN ON-AIR
443.7000 +5 MHz CC1 Findlay OH W8FT OPEN ON-AIR
443.7375 +5 MHz CC1 West Chester OH W8SDR OPEN ON-AIR
443.7500 +5 MHz CC9 Baldwin WI N9UPC OPEN Testing
443.8000 +5 MHz CC1 Lynchburg / Bedford, Apple Orchard Mtn VA WA1ZMS OPEN ON-AIR
443.8500 +5 MHz CC7 Norton OH KD8DRG OPEN ON-AIR
443.9125 +5 MHz CC5 Bowling Green OH WD8LEI OPEN ON-AIR
443.9750 +5 MHz CC7 Atwater OH W8FAA OPEN ON-AIR
444.0000 +5 MHz CC1 Williamsport, Bald Eagle Mountain PA W3AVK OPEN OFF-AIR
444.0250 +5 MHz CC1 Charlotte, Hood Road NC KI4WXS OPEN ON-AIR
444.0375 +5 MHz CC7 Ashland OH N8IHI OPEN ON-AIR
444.0500 +5 MHz CC6 Appleton WI N9KRG OPEN ON-AIR
444.0750 +5 MHz CC1 Boise, Lower Deer Point ID WA7GSK OPEN ON-AIR
444.1000 +5 MHz CC1 LaCombe LA W5SLA OPEN ON-AIR
444.1000 +5 MHz CC1 Marietta OH N8OJ OPEN ON-AIR
444.1250 +5 MHz CC1 McCall ID N7IBC OPEN ON-AIR
444.1500 +5 MHz CC1 Chattanooga, Falling Water TN W4PL OPEN ON-AIR
444.1625 +5 MHz CC1 Toledo OH KE8HCG OPEN ON-AIR
444.1750 +5 MHz CC1 Knoxville TN KB4REC OPEN ON-AIR
444.2250 +5 MHz CC5 New Orleans LA N5UXT OPEN ON-AIR
444.3000 +5 MHz CC7 Atwater OH W8FAA OPEN ON-AIR
444.3000 +5 MHz CC7 Shiloh IL WS9IDG OPEN ON-AIR
444.3500 +5 MHz CC7 Chillicothe, Scioto Trail State Park OH KD8SPV OPEN ON-AIR
444.5125 +5 MHz CC7 Akron OH WB8AVD OPEN ON-AIR
444.5125 +5 MHz CC1 Irvington, Sinking Creek Hill Water Tower KY KG4LHQ OPEN ON-AIR
444.5250 +5 MHz CC Marshalltown IA K0MIW OPEN ON-AIR
444.5750 +5 MHz CC3 Cocoa, Kennedy Space Center FL K4DJN OPEN ON-AIR
444.6000 +5 MHz CC1 Albuquerque, Southeast NM N5GU OPEN ON-AIR
444.6000 +5 MHz CC5 St. John's, Shea Heights ( NTV Tower ) NL VO1UHF OPEN ON-AIR
444.7000 +5 MHz CC7 Mansfield OH W8WE OPEN ON-AIR
444.7250 +5 MHz CC1 Grimes IA N0INX OPEN ON-AIR
444.7375 +5 MHz CC7 Sandusky OH KD8AVO OPEN ON-AIR
444.7625 +5 MHz CC1 Elizabethtown KY KG4LHQ OPEN ON-AIR
444.8125 +5 MHz CC1 Lawrenceburg KY KG4LHQ OPEN OFF-AIR
444.8250 +5 MHz CC1 Hazard, Buffalo Mountain KY KY4MT OPEN ON-AIR
444.8625 +5 MHz CC1 Mt Gilead, US 42 OH W8NL OPEN ON-AIR
444.9500 +5 MHz CC1 Pembroke VA WA4ONG OPEN Unknown status
444.9625 +5 MHz CC1 Owensboro KY KG4LHQ OPEN ON-AIR
444.9875 +5 MHz CC1 Spanish Fort AL N4FIV OPEN ON-AIR
445.0250 -5 MHz CC1 Earlton NY N2LEN OPEN ON-AIR
445.7250 -5 MHz CC1 Ranlo, Spencer Mountain NC N4GAS OPEN ON-AIR
446.0250 -5 MHz CC1 Tupper Lake NY W2TUP OPEN ON-AIR
446.1250 -5 MHz CC1 Toledo OH KD8KCF OPEN ON-AIR
446.7750 -5 MHz CC2 Fort Collins, Timnath CO W0DMR OPEN ON-AIR
446.7875 -5 MHz CC1 Denver, Centennial Cone CO W0TX OPEN ON-AIR
447.2750 -5 MHz CC1 Greenwich, Willard Mountain NY N2LEN OPEN ON-AIR
448.5250 -5 MHz CC1 Red Lion PA N3CNJ OPEN ON-AIR
449.0250 -5 MHz CC1 Cornwall PA W3AD OPEN ON-AIR
449.0250 -5 MHz CC1 New Baltimore NY N2LEN OPEN ON-AIR

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