Proximity Search Help

Depending on your location, The Proximity Search (powered by Google Maps) allows you search for the following:

  • Addresses (example: 1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA)
  • Roads and intersections (example: 10th Avenue and W 22nd Street, New York, NY)
  • Places - Cities, towns, states, provinces, states and continents (example: Portland, OR)
  • Coordinates (example: +38 34' 24.00", -109 32' 57.00")
  • Geographic features (example: Half Dome)

You can use standard Google web search conventions with Google Maps.

Searching for an Address

To search for an address, enter the address and click SUBMIT.

Where possible, try using the following formats for addresses:

"Address, city, state" or "Address, city, ZIP"

Tip - You can display a label on a location by using parentheses in your search terms. Example: San Francisco, CA (City by the Bay)

Searching for a Street or Intersection

To search for an address, enter the street or intersection and click SUBMIT. For roads, enter the road and city or town. For intersections, enter the same, but separate road names with "and" or "&" . For example:

Broadway & E 14th St, New York, NY

Searching for Places

To search for cities, towns, states, or provinces, enter the place name and click SUBMIT.

Enter the just place name or the place name and the region where it resides. For example: LAX

Phoenix, AZ

Searching for Geographic Features

To search for parks, mountains, lakes, etc., enter the name of the feature and and click SUBMIT.

For best results, enter the feature name and the region where it resides. For example:

Mount Baldy, California



The radius is the distance from the queried location. Repeaters found to be within the specified distance will be displayed.


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