Amateur Radio Repeaters in -       5 updates found in updated in the last 365 days.

This page lists all the recent updates of repeaters. Some repeaters will be displayed multiple times if they have been updated more than once in the past 365 days.

Frequency Tone Location County Call Updated Operational status
  145.7750 114.8 Sharjah A62SH 2018-07-25 ON-AIR
  145.8750 Sharjah A62A 2018-07-25 ON-AIR
  145.7500 123.0 Sharjah A62AK 2018-07-15 ON-AIR
  145.5500 114.8 Fujairah A62FJ 2018-02-02 ON-AIR
  145.6750 114.8 ras al khaimah A62RK 2018-02-02 ON-AIR

The Repeaterbook administrator(s) for United Arab Emirates: A65IT