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Archived Repeaters

General Information

Repeaters that are taken out of service or never actually existed are not deleted from the database. Instead, they are hidden from the public searches. The reason for this is to prevent bogus repeaters from returning to the database if the record had been deleted. If an attempt to add a repeater that has been previously archived made, the admin is notified and permitted to immediately delete the new entry.

If a duplicate repeater is located, the repeater that should be removed from public searches should be changed to an operational status of “archived” with a note that the repeater was a duplicate. The site admin will be notified and will delete the duplicate from the database.

Archived repeaters can be viewed on the repeater's detail page. The data that currently exists on that repeater is displayed. However, there is a red banner across the page that warns the viewer that the repeater has been archived. All public searches ignore repeaters that have been archived. Admins who archive repeaters should add a note to the repeater so that others can see the reason for the removal.

Admin Tool: Archived Repeaters

Area admins can use the Tools » Repeater Status section of the admin menu to view all currently archived repeaters in the database. This can help an admin to not inadvertently add a previously removed repeater. If the repeater is now operational, the preferred method is to reactivate the archived repeater. Adding a new repeater will create a duplicate in the database.

Preventing Duplicates Submitted by Users

A user may submit a repeater that has been previously archived. When the admin selects the repeater, the admin is warned that a potential duplicate exists as an archived repeater. The admin should then verify if the archived repeater is a match or not. If it is not a match, then the admin can proceed to add the repeater normally. After adding the repeater, the admin may be warned once again as to the potential for a repeater duplication.

However, if the repeater is a match, the admin can select the option to convert the add request to an edit request. This will apply the information that the user provided to an edit request for the archived repeater. The admin can choose to process the converted request immediataly.

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