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-===== CHIRP Support ===== 
-[[http://​​projects/​chirp/​wiki/​Home|CHIRP WEBSITE]] 
-Repeaterbook has offered CHIRP support since 2011. Repeaterbook offers importing from within the CHIRP program directly from or by exporting from and manually importing to CHIRP. 
-Importing from within CHIRP is extremely easy, but the search options are somewhat limited. More customized searches can be completed within and transferred to CHIRP. 
-==== Importing from Within CHIRP ==== 
-  - Download the latest [[http://​​projects/​chirp/​wiki/​Download|build]] from the CHIRP [[http://​​projects/​chirp/​wiki/​Home|website]]. 
-  - Install and launch CHIRP 
-  - From the menu at the top of the screen, select Radio >> Query data source >> RepeaterBook 
- ​{{chirp1.jpg}} 
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