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 +===== Repeater Coordination Policy =====
 +Whether a repeater is coordinated by a coordination council or not does not contribute to the decision to list a repeater on
 + recognizes that there are repeater frequency coordinators that cover nearly all of the United States and Canada. Frequency coordinators also exist in many other areas of the world. As amateur radio operators, the admins on this site recognize the authority of a frequency coordinator to coordinate a repeater and makes no claims to this role. Repeater owners and other amateur radio operators should not draw any conclusions or make any assumptions about a frequency'​s availability or lack thereof based on Repeaterbook data. Listing a repeater on Repeaterbook does not relieve a repeater operator from taking any and all steps required for local repeater coordination. It should also not be used as proof to indicate how long a repeater has been on a frequency as listing a repeater is not absolute proof that the repeater was active and on the air. Any notations about frequency coordination on the site simply refer to the organization responsible for coordination and no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the notation.
 + also recognizes that FCC Part 97 rules do not require a repeater be coordinated to operate. The role of the frequency coordinator is to assist with mitigating interference issues and a progressive plan for mitigating interference issues is located within the rules. The frequency coordinators can also develop and enforce band plans, based on interference issues.
 + will list repeaters that are not coordinated with a frequency coordinator. There are many repeaters that are not coordinated or are operating in a test mode giving them temporary authority to operate the repeater. Frequency coordinators may also not make publicly available their coordination lists or hide some listings. believes that listing the repeater can help amateur radio operators, repeater owners, and even frequency coordinators locate and mitigate repeaters that may be causing interference.
 +Some repeater owners may request their repeaters not be listed by their frequency coordinators. does not honor these requests, directly or indirectly. More information about our listing policy can be found in the [[https://​​index.php/​faqs#​|FAQs]].
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