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 ====== Exports ====== ====== Exports ======
-Exporting ​is an important feature ​within Repeaterbook.+Repeaterbook data is stored ​within ​a database that is simple to allow for export. The exporting features will remain intact as long as users obtain and use the data within the limits of the terms of service.  
 +Repeaterbook ​recognizes that access to the repeater data in other formats can be beneficial to assist in projects that range from radio programming to trip planning and analysis. The following export types are available in different parts throughout the web site: 
 +  * [[chirp|CHIRP Radio Programming Software]] 
 +  * CSV  
 +  * G4HFQ Radio Programming Software 
 +  * GPX 
 +  * ICOM CS-5100 (D-Star Programming Software) 
 +  * Kenwood MCP (D710/V71 Radio Programming Software) 
 +  * KML (Google Earth) 
 +  * RadioMobile Repeater Coverage Software 
 +  * [[RT Systems|RT Systems Radio Programming Software]] 
 +  * TravelPlus (CSV or TPE Format) 
 +  * UI-View Overlay 
 +  * [[sentinel|Uniden Sentinel Software]] 
 +  * XLS (Excel or other spreadsheet programs) 
 +Exporting is granted to users who intend to use the data for their own personal use and without commercial gain. Users must be a [[FAQ#​registration|registered user]] of in good standing to export data. The data may not be redistributed in any form. In other words, users may not repost the data on another website without express written permission from Doing so violates the [[https://​​index.php/​legal|Terms and Conditions]] and is considered theft under Oregon law. All exports are recorded and monitored for abuse. 
-===== Enable ROW interface with CHIRP and RT Systems ===== 
-RT Systems would like to add the ability to download repeater from the rest of the country. 
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