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 ==== Do you list GMRS repeaters? ==== ==== Do you list GMRS repeaters? ====
-No, we do notWe thought about this carefully and even started building out an interface for it. +Yes, we do. 
- +
-What we found is that GMRS owners oftentimes do not have the same goals as amateur radio repeater owners. Many GMRS owners create small radio networks to operate farms or for family use and do not want outsiders on their systems. They also want to lock down all listings of their repeaters so only they can modify them.  +
- +
-This does not follow the Repeaterbook.com model. Furthermore,​ there seems to be other resources available that offer this service. Though not as robust and built out, their services seem to be adequate for that community. There are no GMRS repeaters listed on Repeaterbook.com and users that attempt to register with GMRS call signs will have their account revoked. I would encourage those looking for GMRS data to use [[https://​mygmrs.com/​browse|MyGMRS]].  +
- +
-Repeaterbook.com will continue to focus on the amateur radio community. +
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