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Favorite Repeaters

This module will replace the Radio Memory module.

A list of personally curated repeaters can be created and managed by registered users. This custom list of “favorites” can then be exported or printed.

Once the list has been created, it can be further filtered. For example, a list may contain 2-meter and 1-1/4-meter repeaters. The list can be filtered to just show the 2-meter repeaters. The displayed list can then be exported.

Users are limited to a list of 250 repeaters.

The Favorite Repeaters list is accessed through My Dashboard.

Adding Repeaters

Repeaters are added to the Favorites list from the Repeater Details page. First, search for the repeater you wish to add, view it, and select Favorite » Add Favorite. A pop-up window will confirm the selection. A repeater can only be added once to the list. The Repeater Details page will also display a heart under the Repeater ID to alert you that this repeater is a favorite. Search result pages will also include the icon.

A new repeater will always be added to the bottom of the Favorite list. Repeaters can only be deleted from the list from the dashboard.


By clicking the Edit button, the following parameters may be customized:

  • Position
  • Category
  • Comment


The Position is the order the repeater will display on the list. The order can be changed by entering a new position number. When a repeater position number is changed, all repeaters at or below that number will be moved down one slot. If a repeater is deleted, all repeaters below that row will move up one slot.

The position works much like Excel's Insert and Delete functions. If you move a repeater to a new position that is occupied, all of the positions affected by the change will update automatically.

The position number is not transferred to programming software as the memory channel number.


The Category is a custom filter and can be any keyword you decide. Avoid entering a value that can be filtered by the other parameters, such as a state name. Instead, use something like “I-90” so that you can filter for just the repeaters in that category. Or “Boise,” to filter to repeaters just in Boise.

The category is limited to 25 characters.


Add whatever you need here. However, it is not exported or filtered on. The limit is 50 characters.


Deleting a repeater removes it from the table and moves all the repeaters up one position that were below it.


Clearing a repeater removes it from the table, but leaves a placeholder so that all the repeaters below it do not move up a position.


The following parameters can filter the Favorites List:

  • Band
  • State
  • Mode
  • Category

Whatever filtering is active on the screen when you export will be sent to the export.


You can export to many export formats to quickly program your radio.

You can modify and filter the list as you need to create the right list for your radio. You may even need to create multiple exports to get it just right. A CSV format is available to save a hard copy of your list in a program such as Excel.

Export Formats

CHIRP Operational
CSV Operational
TravelPlus CSV and TPE Operational
Anytone 868 In Development
Anytone 878 In Development
GPX In Development
ICOM CS-31PLUS Cloning Software In Development
ICOM CS-705 Cloning Software In Development
ICOM CS-4100 Cloning Software In Development
ICOM CS-5100 Cloning Software In Development
ICOM CS-9700 Cloning Software In Development
ICOM Repeater List Generator In Development
Kenwood MCP-2A (D710/V71 Radio Programming Software) In Development
Kenwood MCP-D74 Programming Software In Development
KML (Google Earth) In Development
RT Systems Radio Programming Software In Development
Uniden Sentinel Software In Development

Policy Notes

If you're inactive for 2 years (24 months), we may delete the content of this module. You won't be impacted unless you've been inactive for 2 years. We will send you email reminders in advance and prior to deleting any content. To keep your account active, you must sign-in at least once every two years.

Programmer's Notes

You cannot change a position number more than a single value larger than the current largest position value. If attempted, the value will automatically be numbered to the largest value +1. This is to prevent gaps from appearing in the table.

When editing or deleting a record, the parent page is automatically refreshed when the transaction is completed.

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