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Kenwood MCP-2A

MCP (Memory Control Program)

The Kenwood MCP-2A software is a free radio programming application used to program the TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E transceivers, and the RC-D710 control panel. It can be downloaded here.

The MCP-2A software can accept three types of file exports from

  • Kenwood HMK File
  • TravelPlus TPE File
  • TravelPlus CSV File


The HMK file exports the following headers: Ch: Channel number -

Rx Freq.: Downlink (Receive) Frequency -

Rx Step: Receive Channel Step -

Offset: Repeater Offset -

T/CT/DCS: Uplink Tone Type -

TO Freq.: Uplink (Transmit) Tone Frequency - Repeater's value or 77.0.

CT Freq.: Downlink (Receive) CTCSS Frequency - Repeater's value or 88.5

DCS Code: Digital Coded Squelch Code - Repeater's value or 023.

Shift/Split: Repeater Shift Direction - “+” or “-”.

Rev.: Repeater Reverse - Default is Off.

L.Out: Transmit Lockout - Default is Off.

Mode: Modulation Mode - Always FM

Tx Freq.: Transmit (Uplink) Frequency

Tx Step: Bandplan correct.

M.Name: Repeater call sign.

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