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 ===== Log On Problems ===== ===== Log On Problems =====
 +We recently changed platforms and could not bring your encrypted account credentials with us. If you have not created a new account since March 2016, you will need to register again. ​
 +===== Blocked/​Blacklisted Account =====
 +Your account is blocked until approved by an admin. All accounts are verified prior to activation. We only allow amateur radio operators to register on the site. This is important as many features require a call sign to go with the data.
 +If you just registered and have verified your email account, please wait for the activation email before attempting to log in. If you never received a verification email, please use the Admin Contact form to report the problem.
 +If your account has been previously activated and your account is blocked, this is likely due to a password issue. Please try to reset your password first. If that fails, use the Admin Contact form and we will assist you.
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