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Anytone AT-D868UV CPS

To see information on the data for the radio, please refer to Anytone AT-D868UV Digital DMR Dual-Band Handheld Commercial Radio.

The current version of the CPS software can be downloaded here, courtesy of BridgeCom System.

The RepeaterBook export has been tested with version 1.39 CPS.

Supported Searches

Search Page North America Rest of World
Feature Not Supported Not Supported
Keyword Not Supported Not Supported
Location Supported Supported
Multi-County Not Supported
Multi-State Not-Supported
Proximity Supported Supported
Quick Supported Supported
Nationwide Not Supported
Special Modes Supported Supported
Travel Not Supported

Import/Export Fields

Default value in BOLD.

Field Name Value
No. Channel Number. Starts at 1 and auto-increments.
Channel Name The callsign followed by the nearest city and landmark. Truncates at 16 characters.
Receive Frequency Downlink frequency.
Transmit Frequency Uplink frequency.
Channel Type

* A-Analog for an analog-only channel. Repeaterbook default for analog channels.

  • D-Digital for a digital-only channel. Repeaterbook default for DMR channels.
  • A+D TX A for mixed analog, allow receive analog and digital signal. TX is analog.
  • D+A TX D for mixed digital, allow receive of analog and digital signal. TX is digital.|

|Transmit Power|

  • Low is 0.5 watts.
  • Mid is 1 watt.
  • High is 2.5 watts.
  • Turbo is 6 watts.|

|Band Width|

  • 12.5K. Repeaterbook default for DMR repeaters.
  • 25K. Repeaterbook default for analog repeaters.|

|CTCSS/DCS Decode| Repeater downlink tone. If DCS, the letter “N” is appended to the end. “Off” if not applicable.|

CTCSS/DCS Encode Repeater uplink tone. If DCS, the letter “N” is appended to the end. “Off” if not applicable.
Contact RB1
Contact Call Type Group Call.
Contact TG/DMR ID 1.
Radio ID Null.
Busy Lock/TX Permit

* Always.

  • ChannelFree.
  • Different Color Code.
  • Same Color Code. Default for DMR repeaters.
  • Off. Default for analog entries.
  • Repeater.
  • Busy.|

|Squelch Mode|

  • Carrier

|Optional Signal| Repeaterbook defaults to Off.| DTMF ID| Repeaterbook defaults to 1.|

2Tone ID Repeaterbook defaults to 1.
5Tone ID Repeaterbook defaults to 1.
PTT ID Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
Color Code For DMR it is the repeater's color code. For analog, Repeaterbook defaults to 1.
Slot Repeaterbook defaults to 1.
CH Scan List Repeaterbook defaults to None.
Receive Group List Repeaterbook defaults to None.
TX Prohibit Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
Reverse Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
Simplex TDMA Repeaterbook defaults to Off.

TDMA Adaptive| Repeaterbook defaults to Off.|

Encryption Type Repeaterbook defaults to Normal Encryption.
Digital Encryption Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
Call Confirmation Repeaterbok defaults to Off.
Talk Around Repeaterbook defaults to On.
Work Alone Repeaterbokk defaults to Off.
Custom CTCSS Repeaterbook defaults to 251.1.
2Tone Decode Repeaterbook defaults to 0.
Ranging Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
Through Mode Repeaterbook defaults to Off.
APRS Report Repeaterbook default it Off.
APRS Report Channel Repeaterbook default is 1.

Export Notes

Many users have noticed there is sometimes a discrepancy between the number of rows shown on the website versus what is actually exported. This is caused by the export working to remove any repeaters that operate in modes that are not supported by the radio, such as D-Star.

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