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 | Travel           | <color green>Operational</color> |                     | | Travel           | <color green>Operational</color> |                     |
-=== FAQ ===+===== FAQ =====
 **Is there a limit to the number of results returned?** **Is there a limit to the number of results returned?**
 +Yes. The limit is 750 for the CS 31 Plus and 2,500 for all others.
 +**Is there any reason why the number of repeaters found wouldn't match the number of repeaters listed?**
 +The exported list requires that each repeater listed support FM or D-Star. If a repeater does not support those modes, then it is filtered out.
 +A second reason is when conducting a proximity query, the query creates a box around the coordinate instead of a circle (programming limitation). When looking at the HTML result, each entry is re-evaluated to make sure it is equal to or less than the requested distance before displaying it on the screen. This filtering is not possible with the export and some repeaters that are slightly further away than the requested distance can slip through. A programming update is being phased in that corrects this problem.
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