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Update a Repeater

RepeaterBook primarily relies on information submitted by users and volunteer admins to curate the repeater data (crowdsourcing). Users of and the RepeaterBook app can submit requests to update or change the information on a repeater and are encouraged to do so. Because the quality of the data is extremely important to RepeaterBook's user base, users and admins alike are asked to submit only verified and confirmed information. Speculative requests should not be submitted. RepeaterBook also encourages repeater owners and trustees to submit data and offers better control to repeater owners in the form of the Repeater Record Custodian (RRC) system. When a trustee locks a record, this will disable the edit function for non-custodian users.

Submitting an Update from the Web Site

The first version of the user update module was launched in 2007 and remained in place until January 2018. At that time, the module was drastically overhauled with a similar, but improved, process and a significant overhaul of the look and feel via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

To submit an update to a repeater, the user must be registered and be logged in to their account. See the FAQ for more information. Only then will the edit request link become available. This link is located on the Repeater Detail page.

Click the Edit Repeater link to be directed to the request form. Please follow the instructions located on the form to ensure that your request can be handled as quickly and accurately as possible.

Once you have completed the form, click the button to Validate Changes. You will be shown your data and have the option to return to the edit form, or, if satisfied with your entry, submit the data for review by a volunteer admin.

At any time before the volunteer admin has processed your request that you desire to edit or delete the request, you can return to the Repeater Detail page, click the link to submit an update, and choose to review your pending update or delete it. You can also use this method to determine if an admin has acted on your edit request.

Edit Request Approval

When your request to edit the repeater is processed, you will receive an email notifying you of the status change.

Quick Edits

Users can quickly update the operational status of a repeater by two methods. On the Submit Edits context menu are two options labeled Report On-Air and Report Off-Air. Clicking any option will instantly change the status of the repeater.

When a repeater has not been updated in at least two years, a second option to update the operational status of the repeater is shown.

Update Logging

All updates to repeaters by users are logged and displayed on the Repeater Detail page. This includes long-form updates and the quick updates. Sorry, anonymous updates are not allowed in order to protect the integrity of the data. If you are not confident enough about the data or feel as though you are not authorized to submit the update, then you should avoid it. Accountability on the site has paid dividends towards data integrity.

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