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Uniden Sentinel Software


Sentinel is a software package published by Uniden, for their HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100, and SDS200 scanners. It is freeware that allowing all users to download at no cost. It gives the user the ability to update firmware, download from the, build, create, edit and maintain Favorite lists, systems, departments, analog & digital channels (talk groups), frequencies and various other attributes including services type to monitor all via the software package. It is available for Windows-based PC's and requires a free PC USB port a USB A - USB Mini B connection cable and/or a MicroSD card reader and/or adapter for standard-sized SD cards.

Many amateur radio operators also utilize scanners to listen for activity. has provided the functionality to quickly export data from so that it can be quickly imported into the Sentinel software.

Supported Searches

The current search types (North America only) include:

  • Proximiy/Location Search
  • Travel Search

Exporting From

After conducting a successful search for repeaters, use the Export function from the menu to choose Uniden Sentinel. A CSV file will be generated which can be viewed with Excel or OpenOffice. You can use the spreadsheet program to reorder, edit, and/or filter the data as desired.

Importing Into Sentinel

  1. Open the Sentinel application
  2. Click the icon to edit the Favorites list
  3. Select and existing Favorites list or create a new one (ie. RB HAM)
  4. Create a System Name (ie. Repeaterbook)
  5. Click on the System on the tree view on the left
  6. Create a Department Name that describes the data (ie. PDX 40 mi All)
  7. Click on the Department Name on the tree view on the left
  8. Copy all of the data from the spreadsheet program
  9. Select the first Channel in Sentinel, right-click, and select paste

Ignore any errors, but double-check the integrity of the data. Save the Favorites list and write it to the scanner. Be sure to turn the Favorites list on within the scanner.

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