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Yaesu ADMS-14

The Yaesu ADMS-14 software is specifically for programming the Yaesu FT5DR radio. It utilizes a personal computer to quickly enter and save the FT5DR/DE memory channel frequency and data. Also, the menu settings may be configured for individual operating preferences. All of the information is saved. The settings can be imported from the FT5DR.DE and edited to be transferred back to the radio.

  • Edit the frequencies, memory names, squelch settings, repeater settings, transmit power, and other settings related to the VFO, memory channels, and the Home channel.
  • Edit the Memory bank and the bank link setting.

The data can be transferred from the PC to the radio via a microSD card. No cables are necessary when transferring the the microSD card.

A microSD card is not included with the radio but can be purchased separately.

An alternative method for programming the radio is with the optional SCU-19 PC connection cable for USB (the SCU-19 is included in the optional SCU-39 kit). The CT-169 cable can be used when using a COM port connection.

Importing / Exporting

The ADMS-14 software utilizes the same formatting as the ADMS-11 software. See the ADMS-11 Wiki page for more details on the supported searches.

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