As of the writing of this article, RepeaterBook has over 87,000 registered users, with dozens more registering every day. Also at the time of this writing, 400,000 unique users a month come to the website. That means most of our visitors are not registered. There is a significant benefit to registration that maybe those that aren't registered were unaware of.



Only registered users can export data, such as custom lists to RT Systems, CHIRP, G4HFQ, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, and other radio programming platforms.


Only registered users can create custom excel files to create unique repeater lists and reports using Excel or other spreadsheet applications.


Only registered users can opt-in to receive weekly email updates about changes to repeaters of interest by subscribing to the Repeater Change Notification System.


Only registered users can update and add repeaters from within the website. Only registered users can become Repeater Record Custodians who have an ever-increasing ability to manage data on specific repeater records.

Eliminate Ads sustains itself financially with ads. Registered users see fewer ads than unregistered users. In addition, for low additional cost, registered users can purchase a subscription to eliminate ads completely from the site.


To take full advantage of what has to offer, we invite you to register for an account.