RepeaterBook adds special programming to search results pages when they are printed, including removing ads. If the following steps are followed, you may be able to create your own custom book of repeater data.

Recommended supplies, software, and equipment:


Repeater search result pages are best printed in landscape format. 

Follow the steps below for a recent search I completed to build your own book:

1. Complete a Proximity 2.0 Search (you can complete any search you desire): Search Results

2. Press Control + P (Command + P for Mac)

3. Change the Layout to landscape format

4. Click on More Settings and select the following options:

4a. Scale 79%

4b. Check the box to "Print on Both Sides" (it's OK to print single-sided)

4c. Flip on the short side (if printing double-sided)

4d. Check the box to print the background graphics

5. Click Print

After the pages are done printing, use the hole puncher, lined up properly for the landscape binder rings, and hole punch the paper. Insert the pages into the binder.

Alternative to printing, the pages can be saved as a PDF from within Chrome by changing the Destination to Save as PDF.