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I-44 Amateur Radio repeaters on

I-44 Amateur Radio Repeaters

47 open repeaters found along I-44 Travel Recommended for I-44

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Frequency Offset Tone Up / Down Location State County Call Modes
53.2700 -1.7 MHz 162.2 Republic MO Greene K0NXA FM AllStar ON-AIR
145.2100 -0.6 MHz 123.0 St. Louis MO St Louis City WB0QXW FM EchoLink ON-AIR
145.2700 -0.6 MHz NAC 656 162.2 Nixa, Water Tower MO Christian K0NXA FM P-25 ON-AIR
145.3500 -0.6 MHz NAC 293 91.5 Joplin MO Jasper N0NWS FM EchoLink P-25 ON-AIR
145.3900 -0.6 MHz NAC 656 91.5 Granby, MSHP Tower MO Newton KM0HP FM P-25 ON-AIR
145.4500 -0.6 MHz 110.9 Rolla, TJ Residence Hall MO Phelps W0EEE FM ON-AIR
145.4700 -0.6 MHz CC12 Conway, Water Tower MO Laclede K0NXA DMR ON-AIR
145.4900 -0.6 MHz 136.5 Fordland MO Webster N0NWS FM AllStar EchoLink ON-AIR
146.4500 +1 MHz 141.3 Pacific, Nike Missile Base Control Center on Signal Hill MO Jefferson KD0ZEA FM DSTAR ON-AIR
146.7000 -0.6 MHz 88.5 Eldridge MO Laclede K0LH FM ON-AIR
146.7750 -0.6 MHz CC5 Ozark, Verizon Link Tower - County Line Road MO Christian K0NXA DMR ON-AIR
146.7900 -0.6 MHz 88.5 Dixon MO Pulaski W0GS FM ON-AIR
146.8050 -0.6 MHz 110.9 Sullivan, West Sullivan Water Tower MO Franklin KC0DBS FM ON-AIR
146.8200 -0.6 MHz 110.9 Rolla, MSHP Troop I HQ MO Phelps K0NXA FM EchoLink ON-AIR
146.8650 -0.6 MHz CC3 NAC 4F9 RAN 127.3 Jefferson City, SEMA Tower MO Cole KB4VSP FM DMR DSTAR NXDN P-25 Fusion M17 ON-AIR
146.8650 -0.6 MHz 156.7 Marshfield MO Webster K0NI FM ON-AIR
146.8950 -0.6 MHz CSQ Brinktown MO Maries N0GYE FM ON-AIR
146.9100 -0.6 MHz 162.2 Springfield, Hammons Tower MO Greene W0EBE FM EchoLink Fusion ON-AIR
146.9700 -0.6 MHz 162.2 Freistatt, MSHP Tower MO Lawrence W0OAR FM ON-AIR
147.0150 +0.6 MHz 162.2 Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA FM EchoLink ON-AIR
147.0600 +0.6 MHz 162.2 Bolivar MO Polk K0NXA FM ON-AIR
147.1050 +0.6 MHz Imperial MO Jefferson KB0TLL Fusion WIRES-X ON-AIR
147.1200 +0.6 MHz 107.2 Springfield, CU TRS Glidewell site MO Greene W0AV FM AllStar ON-AIR
147.1800 +0.6 MHz 136.5 Buffalo MO Dallas N0NWS FM ON-AIR
147.2100 +0.6 MHz 91.5 Joplin MO Newton W0IN FM ON-AIR
147.2100 +0.6 MHz 88.5 Rolla MO Phelps W0GS FM ON-AIR
147.2400 +0.6 MHz 141.3 Washington, Krakow Water Tower MO Franklin WA0FYA FM ON-AIR
147.2700 +0.6 MHz Anadarko OK Caddo WX5LAW FM ON-AIR
147.3300 +0.6 MHz Lawton OK Comanche WX5LAW FM ON-AIR
147.3300 +0.6 MHz 162.2 Walnut Grove MO Greene AK0C FM ON-AIR
147.3450 +0.6 MHz 110.9 Cuba MO Crawford KD0JOX FM ON-AIR
224.2800 -1.6 MHz 162.2 Republic MO Greene K0NXA FM ON-AIR
224.9200 -1.6 MHz 141.3 Oklahoma City, Sandridge Building OK Oklahoma W5GDL FM AllStar ON-AIR
442.4000 +5 MHz Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA DSTAR ON-AIR
442.4250 +5 MHz 162.2 Republic MO Greene K0NXA FM AllStar EchoLink ON-AIR
442.4750 +5 MHz CC2 Tulsa, Lookout Mountain OK Tulsa WA5LVT DMR ON-AIR
442.9250 +5 MHz RAN Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA NXDN ON-AIR
443.2250 +5 MHz CC1 Oklahoma City, Sandbridge Building OK Oklahoma W5GDL DMR ON-AIR
443.4000 +5 MHz CC5 Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA DMR ON-AIR
443.7750 +5 MHz 141.3 St. Louis, Pine Street and Tucker Street MO St Louis City W0MJ FM Fusion WIRES-X ON-AIR
443.8500 +5 MHz 88.5 Tulsa, Near 41st and Lynn Lane OK Tulsa W5IAS FM ON-AIR
443.9000 +5 MHz Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA Fusion ON-AIR
444.1500 +5 MHz Freistatt, MSHP Tower MO Lawrence W0OAR DSTAR ON-AIR
444.5750 +5 MHz NAC 656 Springfield, CU TRS County East Site MO Greene K0NXA P-25 ON-AIR
444.6250 +5 MHz 91.5 Joplin MO Jasper N0ARM FM ON-AIR
444.7500 +5 MHz NAC 656 91.5 Golden City, MSHP Golden City MoSWIN Site MO Barton KM0HP FM P-25 ON-AIR
444.8750 +5 MHz 88.5 Afton OK Ottawa W5IAS FM ON-AIR

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