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DMRNetwork Amateur Radio Repeaters

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Frequency Offset Tone Up / Down Location State County Call  Use Modes Operational Status
144.9375 +2.5 MHz CC1 Mariposa, Mt Bullion CA Mariposa W6BXN OPEN DMR ON-AIR
144.9800 +2.5 MHz CC1 Scott LA Lafayette K5LPD OPEN DMR ON-AIR
145.0100 +0.6 MHz CC1 NAC 293 Port Moody, Heritage Mountain BC VA7HIZ OPEN DMR DSTAR P-25 OFF-AIR
145.1000 -0.6 MHz CC1 Durango, Ciudad de Durango DG XE2LRS OPEN DMR OFF-AIR
145.2100 -0.6 MHz CC10 NAC 293 Sulphur LA Calcasieu W5BII OPEN DMR P-25 ON-AIR
145.3500 -0.6 MHz CC1 100.0 / 100.0 McKinney TX Collin N5GI OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
145.4600 -0.6 MHz CC1 Tijuana, Channel 33 Telemundo BC XE2DXA OPEN DMR ON-AIR
145.4900 -0.6 MHz 141.3 Tupelo MS Lee N5VGK OPEN FM ON-AIR
146.4000 +287 MHz NAC 293 Mexico City, Torre SCT, B. Juarez DF XE1F OPEN FM AllStar P-25 ON-AIR
146.6250 -0.6 MHz NAC 293 Bowling Green KY Warren W4WSM OPEN DSTAR P-25 ON-AIR
146.6250 -0.6 MHz CC1 Buxton NC Dare K4OBX OPEN DMR ON-AIR
146.6550 -0.6 MHz CC7 Chicoutimi QC VA2RFI OPEN DMR ON-AIR
146.6550 -0.6 MHz CC1 Lynchburg, Tobacco Row Mtn VA Amherst WA4RTS OPEN DMR ON-AIR
146.7600 -0.6 MHz CC1 D152 / D152 Kalispell, Buffalo Hill MT Flathead K7LYY OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
146.8400 -0.6 MHz CC1 Kelowna BC VA7CNN OPEN DMR ON-AIR
146.8800 -0.6 MHz CC3 Sheffield AL Colbert N4GLE OPEN DMR ON-AIR
146.9700 -0.6 MHz CC1 Hillsborough NC Orange W4BAD OPEN DMR Testing
147.0000 +0.6 MHz CC13 NAC 293 85.4 / 85.4 Bogart GA Oconee W4EEE OPEN FM DMR P-25 Fusion ON-AIR
147.0900 +0.6 MHz 167.9 / 167.9 Williamsport, Bald Eagle Mountain PA Lycoming KB3HLL OPEN FM ON-AIR
147.2700 +0.6 MHz CC1 114.8 / 114.8 LaCombe LA Saint Tammany W5SLA OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
430.2000 +5 MHz CC1 Western Shore, Oak Island NS VA1LUN OPEN DMR DSTAR EchoLink Fusion ON-AIR
438.2000 -5 MHz 85.4 / 85.4 Mexico City, San Pedro Martir DF XE1CDF OPEN FM Fusion ON-AIR
438.2250 -5 MHz CC1 NAC 293 Monterrey, Monterrey NL XE2NL OPEN FM DMR DSTAR P-25 Fusion OFF-AIR
438.2750 -5 MHz CC1 Playa del Carmen QR XE3RCC OPEN DMR OFF-AIR
438.2800 -5 MHz CC1 Guadalajara JA XE1GXW OPEN DMR ON-AIR
438.3250 -5 MHz CC1 RAN Tijuana, Monte Otay BC XE2SI OPEN DMR NXDN ON-AIR
439.9250 -5 MHz CC1 Cancun QR XE3RA OPEN DMR Unknown status
440.13125 +5 MHz CC1 Port Moody, Heritage Mountain BC VA7FIZ OPEN DMR OFF-AIR
440.5875 +5 MHz CC2 Bonny Doon CA Santa Cruz WB6ECE OPEN DMR Unknown status
440.6125 +5 MHz CC1 Buffalo KY Larue N1DTA OPEN DMR ON-AIR
440.7250 +5 MHz CC1 Delta, Public Safety Building BC VE7SUN OPEN DMR DSTAR ON-AIR
440.9000 +5 MHz CC2 Seattle, Beacon Hill WA King N7IEI OPEN DMR Unknown status
441.1000 +5 MHz CC1 151.4 / 151.4 Catasauqua PA Lehigh KC2ABV OPEN FM AllStar DMR EchoLink IRLP Fusion WIRES-X ON-AIR
441.4750 +5 MHz CC2 Beaverton OR Washington KG7RFM OPEN DMR Unknown status
441.5000 +5 MHz CC7 Effingham, iHelpU Tech tower IL Effingham N9BIG OPEN DMR ON-AIR
441.8000 +5 MHz CC1 141.3 / 141.3 Antigonish NS VE1JSR OPEN FM DMR DSTAR Fusion WIRES-X ON-AIR
441.9500 +5 MHz CC1 Burlington WA Skagit KF7CFR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
441.9500 +5 MHz CC1 Gatineau, Hull Hospital QC VE2RAO OPEN DMR ON-AIR
441.9625 +5 MHz CC1 Frederick, Gambrill State Park MD Frederick K3DO OPEN DMR DSTAR ON-AIR
441.9750 +5 MHz 67.0 Ellerslie, Pine Ridge Elementary School GA Harris WB4ULK OPEN FM AllStar ON-AIR
442.0000 +5 MHz CC1 88.5 / CSQ Vian OK Sequoyah W5ACR OPEN FM DMR OFF-AIR
442.0250 +5 MHz CC1 Bossier City LA Bossier AF6BZ OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.0250 +5 MHz CC1 Dallas TX Dallas N4MSE OPEN DMR IRLP ON-AIR
442.0500 +5 MHz CC1 Little Current ON VE3RXR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.0750 +5 MHz CC1 Lanai HI Maui AH6GR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.1000 +5 MHz CC1 Altoona, Brush Mountain PA Blair NU3T OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.1000 +5 MHz CC1 Cornwall, Bonville ON VA3EDG OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.1000 +5 MHz CC1 103.5 Honaker, Big A Mountain VA Russell KM4HDM OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
442.1125 +5 MHz CC7 Massillon OH Stark W8NP OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.2500 +5 MHz CC1 Becancour QC VE2RPB OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.3000 +5 MHz CC2 88.5 / 88.5 Bellingham, Sehome Hill WA Whatcom W7BFD OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
442.3875 +5 MHz CC1 Williamston NC Martin K4SER OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.4000 +5 MHz CC1 Millersville MD Anne Arundel KP4IP OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.5000 +5 MHz CC3 Princeton, off 297th ave east of county rd #9 MN Sherburne W9YZI OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.5500 +5 MHz CC1 L'Ange-Gardien QC VE2REH OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.5750 +5 MHz CC1 McKinney TX Collin N5GI OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.6500 +5 MHz CC1 Gatineau QC VE2REH OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.6500 +5 MHz CC5 NAC RAN Metairie LA Jefferson AE5BZ OPEN DMR NXDN P-25 Fusion ON-AIR
442.6500 +5 MHz CC1 Quebec city, Mont BĂ©lair QC VE2RAG OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.7375 +5 MHz CC1 Worton MD Kent K3ARS OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.7500 +5 MHz CC5 Woodson IL Morgan KD9KOO OPEN DMR ON-AIR
442.8000 +5 MHz CC1 Medford OR Jackson KD7MPA OPEN DMR Unknown status
442.8000 +5 MHz CC2 NAC 293 Saint-Felix-de-Valois QC VA2RVB OPEN FM DMR DSTAR P-25 ON-AIR
442.8500 +5 MHz CC1 Maui HI Maui AH6GR OPEN DMR OFF-AIR
442.8625 +5 MHz CC1 Greensboro NC Guilford W4GSO OPEN DMR DSTAR Fusion ON-AIR
442.9625 +5 MHz CC1 Vancouver WA Clark KB7APU OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.0000 +5 MHz CC1 Warroad MN Roseau N0MHO OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.0500 +5 MHz CC1 Williamsport, Bald Eagle Mountain PA Lycoming N3SSL OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
443.1500 +5 MHz CC1 110.9 / 110.9 Morrisburg ON VA3ESD OPEN FM DMR DSTAR Fusion ON-AIR
443.2000 +5 MHz CC1 Lavonia, 911 Gerard Road Tower GA Franklin W4CMB OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.2125 +5 MHz Thornville OH Licking AC8GI OPEN Fusion WIRES-X ON-AIR
443.3000 +5 MHz CC1 Charlottetown, Cornwall PE VE1UHF OPEN DMR DSTAR Fusion ON-AIR
443.3250 +5 MHz CC4 Excelsior Springs MO Clay K0AMJ OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.4000 +5 MHz CC1 Cincinnati, Mobilcomm OH Hamilton WB8CRS OPEN DMR EchoLink ON-AIR
443.4000 +5 MHz CC1 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County EOC MI Kalamazoo KM8CC OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.4000 +5 MHz CC5 St. John's, Kenmount Hill (Rogers Site) NL VO1UHF OPEN DMR DSTAR OFF-AIR
443.5000 +5 MHz CC1 Hampton, Sentara Careplex Hospital VA (independent) W4HPT OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.6625 +5 MHz CC1 Red Deer County, Red Deer AB VA6DMR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.7500 +5 MHz CC1 Kimberley BC VE7DCX OPEN DMR ON-AIR
443.9500 +5 MHz CC1 Victoria, Mount McDonald BC VE7VIC OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.0100 +5 MHz CC1 Lafayette LA Lafayette N5WE OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.0250 +5 MHz CC1 NAC Charlotte, Hood Road NC Mecklenburg KI4WXS OPEN DMR DSTAR P-25 Fusion ON-AIR
444.1125 +5 MHz CC1 Carnesville, Water Tower GA Franklin W4PFT OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.1500 +5 MHz CC1 Mont-Laurier QC VE2REH OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.2000 +5 MHz CC1 Kailua-Kona HI Hawaii WH6DEW OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.2750 +5 MHz CC1 67.0 Corvallis, Marys Peak OR Benton K7WVD OPEN FM DMR ON-AIR
444.3500 +5 MHz CC1 114.8 / 114.8 Reading, Mt. Penn Fire Tower PA Berks K3TI OPEN FM DMR Fusion ON-AIR
444.3500 +5 MHz CC1 Sebastian FL Indian River KJ4YZI OPEN DMR EchoLink ON-AIR
444.3625 +5 MHz CC1 Middletown OH Butler W8BLV OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.5625 +5 MHz CC1 Orillia ON VE3ORC OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.5875 +5 MHz CC1 Kirkfield, Balsam Lake ON VE3NYY OPEN DMR DSTAR ON-AIR
444.6000 +5 MHz St. John's, Shea Heights ( NTV Tower ) NL VO1NTV OPEN FM ON-AIR
444.6000 +5 MHz CC1 Yorktown VA York KN4KV OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.7375 +5 MHz CC1 Toronto ON VA3DVN OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.7875 +5 MHz CC7 Alliance OH Stark W8NP OPEN DMR ON-AIR
444.9000 +5 MHz CC1 131.8 / 131.8 Sequim WA Clallam K6MBY OPEN FM DMR IRLP Fusion ON-AIR
444.9875 +5 MHz CC1 Corinth, 1 mile East of LakeHill Motors on Hy 72E MS Alcorn K5WHB OPEN DMR ON-AIR
445.1750 -5 MHz CC1 Reading PA Berks KB3WLV OPEN DMR EchoLink Fusion ON-AIR
447.6250 -5 MHz CC1 Wyndmoor, Whitemarsh PA Montgomery K3PDR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
447.6750 -5 MHz CC1 Ashburn VA Loudoun KO4NCX OPEN DMR DSTAR ON-AIR
447.8750 -5 MHz CC1 Jennersville, SR 1 at SR 796 PA Chester K3ZED OPEN DMR ON-AIR
448.6000 -5 MHz CC7 Charlotte Amalie VI St Thomas KP2O OPEN DMR OFF-AIR
448.7750 -5 MHz CC1 Holtwood PA Lancaster KX3B OPEN DMR ON-AIR
448.8750 -5 MHz CC1 Bristol CT Hartford WA1IXU OPEN DMR ON-AIR
448.9500 -5 MHz CC15 Cheyenne, Old airport control tower WY Laramie KC7DHF OPEN DMR ON-AIR
449.0250 -5 MHz CC1 Cornwall PA Lancaster W3AD OPEN DMR ON-AIR
449.0750 -5 MHz CC1 Trois-Rivieres QC VE2TRQ OPEN DMR ON-AIR
449.2250 -5 MHz CC2 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, VA2DG QTH QC VA2DGR OPEN DMR ON-AIR
449.2500 -5 MHz CC2 Roseburg OR Douglas KG7YHY OPEN DMR Unknown status
449.6400 -5 MHz CC10 NAC 293 RAN D131 / D131 Calimesa CA Riverside N6LKA OPEN FM AllStar DMR DSTAR EchoLink NXDN P-25 Fusion ON-AIR
449.8400 -5.99 MHz CC1 San Diego CA San Diego N7OEI OPEN DMR ON-AIR
449.9000 -5 MHz CC1 El Cajon CA San Diego KF6YB OPEN DMR ON-AIR
927.0125 -25 MHz CC1 Gastonia, Spencer Mountain NC Gaston KA4YMY OPEN DMR ON-AIR

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