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Anytone AT-D878UV, AT-D878UV Plus, AT-878UVII, AT-878UVII PLUS CPS

The current version of the CPS software can be downloaded downloaded, courtesy of Anytone.

The RepeaterBook export seems to be working to import into all of the following Anytone CPS:

  • AT-D578UV CPS version 1.13 - 1.16.
  • AT-D878UV and AT-D878UV Plus with CPS versions 1.16 - 1.39.
  • AT-D878UVII and AT-D878UVII Plus with CPS version 2.x - 3.x.

Supported Searches

Search Page North America Rest of World
Advanced State Search Operational In Development
Call In Development In Development
Favorite Operational Operational
Feature Operational Operational
Keyword Operational Operational
Location Operational Operational
Multi-County In Development
Multi-State Operational
Proximity Operational Operational
Proximity 2.0 Operational
Quick Operational Operational
Nationwide Not Supported
Special Modes Operational Operational
Travel Operational

Import/Export Fields

Default value in BOLD.

Field Value Revision
No. Channel Number. Starts at 1 and auto-increments.
Channel Name User can choose data to populate with.
Receive Frequency Downlink frequency.
Transmit Frequency Uplink frequency.
Channel Type A-Analog for an analog-only channel (default for analog channels), D-Digital for a digital-only channel (default for DMR channels), A+D TX A for mixed analog (allow receive analog and digital signal, TX is analog), D+A TX D for mixed digital (allow receive of analog and digital signal. TX is digital.)
Transmit PowerLow is 0.5 watts, Mid is 1 watt, High is 2.5 watts, Turbo is 6 watts.
Band Width12.5K is default for DMR repeaters. 25K is the default for analog repeaters.
CTCSS/DCS Encode Repeater uplink tone. If DCS, the letter “N” is appended to the end. “Off” if not applicable.
CTCSS/DCS Decode Repeater downlink tone. If DCS, the letter “N” is appended to the end. “Off” if not applicable.
Contact RB1
Contact Call Type Group Call.
Contact TG/DMR ID 1.
Radio ID Radio 1. Please change this to your DMR ID after importing.
Busy Lock/TX PermitAlways, ChannelFree, Different Color Code, Same Color Code (default for DMR repeaters), Off (default for analog repeaters), Repeater, Busy.
Squelch Mode Carrier, CTCSS/DCS
Optional Signal Off.
2Tone ID 1.
5Tone ID 1.
Color Code For DMR, it is the repeater's color code. For analog, Repeaterbook defaults to 1.
Slot 1.
Scan List None.
Receive Group List None.
PTT Prohibit Off.
Reverse Off.
Simplex TDMA Off.
Slot Suit Off.
AES Digital Encryption Normal Encryption.
Digital Encryption Off.
Call Confirmation Off.
Talk Around(Simplex) Off.
Work Alone Off.
Custom CTCSS 251.1.
2Tone Decode 0.
Ranging Off.
Through Mode Off.
Digi APRS RX Off.
Analog APRS PTT Mode Off.
Digital APRS PTT Mode Off.
APRS Report Type Off.
Digital APRS Report Channel 1.
Correct Frequency[Hz] 0.
SMS Confirmation Off.
Exclude channel from roaming 0.
DMR MODE Simplex = 1, Repeater = 1, Double Slot = 2. Default to 0.
DataACK Disable 0.
R5ToneBot 0.
R5ToneEot 0.
Auto Scan 0. v3.x
Ana Aprs Mute0v3.x
Send Talker Alias0v3.x

Export Notes

This radio can only transmit and receive in analog FM and DMR modes. All other modes are automatically filtered out except when other modes are specifically selected.

This automatic filtering of unsupported modes may cause a discrepancy between the number of rows shown in the search results versus what is exported.


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