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RT Systems

Application Import

Users can select a number of parameters from the Repeaterbook search from within the application:

  • State or Province
  • Frequency bands
  • Location
  • Radius

If the user does not enter a location, the import will include all repeaters for the selected band(s). If the user does not select any bands, the import will include all repeaters for the selected location. If the location in blank, then the user will receive all of the repeaters for the entire state/province.

ROW Import

With Repeaterbook's expansion to cover repeaters from around the world, Repeaterbook is changing the API to allow users to enter their location, anywhere around the world, and receive an export.

RT Systems provides the following:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Radius
  • Radius unit
  • Band(s)

Repeaterbook then searches the North American database and the Rest of World database for any matching repeaters and imports them to the app.

Web Export offers a data export from many of its search pages. The data can be imported into the RT Systems application.

Search types where you can find the export include:

  • North American Single State Search
  • North American Multi-State Search
  • North American/Worldwide Keyword Search
  • North American/Worldwide Travel Search
  • North American/Worldwide Proximity Search
  • Custom Radio Memories
  • United States County Search
  • Worldwide Search by Country

API Details

Column Details Values
Channel Number The memory number Auto-incremented
Receive Frequency The repeater downlink frequency
Transmit Frequency The repeater uplinkm frequency
Offset Direction Split direction -, +, s, x
Name Name the channel Repeater Callsign
Tone Mode Signaling method None, Tone, T SQL, DCS, D Code
CTCSSUplink signaling tone
RX CTCSS Downlink signaling tone
DCS Uplink signaling digital code
RX DCS Downlink digital signaling code
Comment Repeater nearest city and landmark
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