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Repeater Record Custodian (RRC)

Repeater owners, trustees, control operators, keepers, etc., can claim their repeater listing and help keep the repeater up-to-date on This person must have permission from the person legally responsible for the proper operation of the repeater. You must be a registered member of to participate.

We often automatically assign registered members to the RRC status if their call sign matches that of the repeater. There are many repeaters inside the United States, and most repeaters outside of the United States using alternative call signs. These repeaters can be manually claimed by individuals and verified by admins.

Those that would like to take on the RRC function can use the “Claim Repeater” link from the menu banner on the repeater's details page.

RRCs can currently adjust these settings:

  • Manage DMR talk groups - YouTube
  • Manage operational status
  • Access tones (i.e., CTCSS, DCS, Color Code, NAC, etc.)
  • Signal factors (i.e.; Height ASL and AAT, Output Power, Antenna Gain, and Radiation Pattern)
  • Manage web links

RRCs are also notified of any changes made to the repeater automatically. This also includes notifications regarding the addition of propagation reports.

These changes can be completed using the Submit Update menu item on the Repeater Details page.

Edit Lock

When a well-engaged Repeater Record Custodian is involved, the RRC may prohibit others from submitting update requests. By turning on Edit Lock, the link for editing the repeater is removed for any user not listed as a custodian or an admin. This does not prohibit admins from making updates, but it prevents other site users from submitting updates.

RRCs may receive an email request occasionally to reverify the repeater's information. RRCs must respond to these emails, or the edit lock will be removed. Again, this program is intended for RRCs that are well-engaged.

On the repeater's details page, under the Submit Update menu item, use the RRC Management link to manage the RRC details. Existing RRCs can add and remove other RRCs. One RRC can be designated as the Primary RRC, with other RRCs serving as auxiliaries. All RRCs receive edit notifications.

Primary RRC

The primary RRC is the only RRC who can toggle the edit lock status.

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