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Exporting GPX Files

A GPX file, also known as a GPS Exchange Format file, is simply a text file with geographic information such as waypoints, tracks, and routes saved in it. You can use GPX files to transfer that information between GPS units and computers.

These files are designed to be imported to a GPS or navigation device and show up as waypoints. Many Garmin devices fit this category.

The documentation for the schema used is here.

Supported Searches

Search Page North America Rest of World
Feature Supported Supported
Keyword Supported Supported
Location Supported Supported
Multi-County Not Supported
Multi-State Not Supported
Proximity Supported Supported
Quick Supported Supported
Nationwide In Development
Special Modes Supported Supported, but temporarily down
Travel SupportedSupported

Viewing the Data

There are several ways to view a GPX file on a PC:

There are some Amateur Radio-specific options available, also:

There is also commercially-available navigation equipment the data can be imported in to:

  • Many after-market car GPS navigation systems.

Export Notes

Repeaterbook tracks whether the coordinates are precise or approximated. However, this data is not represented in the export in any way. This file is not intended to provide a precise location for a repeater and should always assume to be approximated. Accuracy may only be as good as the location provided to us by the individual submitter and can vary largely. The data should be used only as an approximation as to the location of a repeater that may or may not actually be there.

This data should also not be used to attempt to visit a repeater's QTH. Those who use the data for such purposes are violating the terms and conditions of the release of the data.

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