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Icom ID-52

The Icom ID-52A is a dual-band HT. It can transmit on 144/430 MHz. The receiver is capable of 108–174, 225–479, 137–174, 375–479 MHz.

The ID-52A has 1000 memory channels, 4 call channels, 50 scan edges, 100 skip channels, 500 broadcast stations, 2500 repeaters, 300 call signs, and 300 GPS memories.

The transmitter is capable of D-Star, FM, and FM-Narrow.

It can be computer programmed with the ICOM CS-52 programming software.

The radio can be controlled with the RepeaterBook app via RepeaterBookConnect.

You can create up to 100 groups, and each group can be assigned up to 100 channels.

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