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Kenwood HMK File

The Kenwood (*.hmk) file is a common file type between all Kenwood radios that utilize the MCP series of software programming utilities.

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File Parameters

Values in BOLD indicate RepeaterBook default value.

Field Name Value
Ch Channel number - Memory channel number. Auto-increments starting at 1.
Rx Freq. Downlink (Receive) Frequency
Rx Step Receive Channel Step
Offset Repeater Offset
T/CT/DCS Uplink Tone Type - T = Uplink tone only. CT = Uplink and Downlink Tone. DCS is digital squelch.
TO Freq. Uplink (Transmit) Tone Frequency - Repeater's value or 77.0.
CT Freq. Downlink (Receive) CTCSS Frequency - Repeater's value or 88.5.
DCS Code Digital Coded Squelch Code - Repeater's value or 023.
Shift/Split Repeater Shift Direction - “+” or “-”.
Rev. Repeater Reverse - Off.
L.Out Transmit Lockout - Off.
Mode Modulation Mode - FM
Tx Freq. Transmit (Uplink) Frequency
Tx Step Bandplan correct.
M.Name Memory Channel Name - Repeater call sign.
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