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The quick search page is a type of search that is pre-configured. You simply select the search you want from the list of options and the results will quickly be displayed. There are several options.

First, you must select a geographic area to search. If searching in North America in the United States (states) or Canada, you can click the state or province on the map. Alternatively, for Mexico, and US territories. For other areas of North America not listed, please use the Worldwide Quick Search.

If searching the Worldwide database, you can click the name of the country from the map. Countries in green indicate repeater listings exist for that country. Red indicates no data exists.

There are multiple categories from which to search from:

  • Band
  • Feature
  • Linked Systems
  • Emergency Service Repeaters
  • Recommended by route
  • Nearest city/town
  • County
  • Sections (for California only)
  • Recently updated
  • Needing re-verification
  • Highest travel rated
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