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Tasks and Responsibilities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a RepeaterBook Admin. RepeaterBook contains over 28,000 repeaters throughout the world. It is not possible for one person to manage a database of this size. With your help, RepeaterBook can be the most accurate and helpful online repeater directory available.

Being an RepeaterBook admin can take lots of time and research. A sound working knowledge of repeaters, propagation, and radio use is a must. This position isn't for everyone.

RepeaterBook has been online since 2006. Many other web sites have come and gone, but this one stays online. The secret of the success is free, accurate data. Though people will pay for data (they buy repeater directories all the time), this site believes the data should be a service to the community and all information should be free.

Tools are provided on the site to help you research data. But you still will need to get out, test repeaters, and gather information. The best research is someone actually verifying the repeater is actually there and it works.

As you may know, there are many “paper” repeaters out there. This is to say that a repeater is coordinated to operate on a channel, but there is no repeater there. This could be because there used to be, there had been plans for it, there are plans for it, or someone is squatting. These “paper” repeaters get listed in many directories because the coordination councils report them as coordinated. We like to go a step further and let the community know if the repeater is operational or not. What good is a repeater listing if you cannot key up the repeater?!

  • Handle update requests
  • Handle add requests
  • Answer e-mails
  • Independently verify repeater status
  • Solicit and hunt for repeaters and information
  • Ensure the reasonable accuracy of the database
  • Promote
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