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Repeater Operational Status

Unique to the RepeaterBook directory is the tracking of the operational, or on-air, status of a repeater. Since repeaters can lose operational status as fast as the power can go out or an amplifier can quit working, but take much longer to repair, it can be important to note the status of a repeater. Many directories list repeaters that ceased functioning long ago or never made it to operational status, but we nevertheless published in a directory. Users then waste countless hours testing repeaters looking for those that are operational. Repeaterbook shares this data with users to eliminate this frustration with as good of accuracy as possible.

The possible status notations are:

  • Operational (coded with a green icon)
  • Non-Operational (coded with a red icon)
  • Unknown (coded with a white icon)
  • Testing (coded with a yellow icon)
  • Archived - removed from service (coded with a black icon)
  • Assigned - pending construction (coded with a blue icon)

This color coding follows through to the Repeaterbook app where the listing is color coded as above.

Testing repeaters are those that newly installed or being tested on a bench prior to installation. The repeater may not be operating at full power, at its final installation location, or be configured as intended at permanent installation.

Archived repeaters are removed from normal search functions, so users are unlikely to see a repeater with this status. However, users may select this status when editing repeaters.

Assigned can also be used to denote a repeater that has been approved for a construction permit and will be operational within a few months. This status is a placeholder within the database for the repeater.

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