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RepeaterBook App FAQ - 5th September 2021


I can search for repeaters manually, and they seem to be correct. When I use gps, quite a few do not show up.

If your device does not have a strong GPS signal it will be using wifi/best guess, often not that accurate. The search list is unfiltered, where as the dashboard list controlled by the frequency, mode etc filters you have set.

GPS location not being found

Triple check the phone settings to ensure location permission has been granted to the RepeaterBook app.

Ensure the latest phone updates have been installed.

Remove the RepeaterBook app, completely power off the phone, then restart it. Install the app from the store.


Dashboard Results

Based on distance from your current auto location or your last location search whichever was used last. Uses the filters and the sort order from settings.

None, or only a few repeaters show on the dashboard list.

Triple check the filter settings. Ensure none of the emergency net tick boxes are checked, as if they are only repeaters carrying at least one of those nets will be shown.

A Repeater is missing or needs updating, how can I update it.

In the app you can use the edit option on the repeater detail page to update it or the add menu option from the main menu. It will then be included in the next app release and help hams worldwide.

A recently added repeater shows on the web site, but is missing from the app.

The app database is updated with each new release of the app, generally every few weeks.

Search Results

Searches the entire GEO and RepeaterBook databases - without any filters - it just matches on your search. The filters or the sort order from settings are not used.

Starts from your current auto location or your location search whichever was used last. As the whole database is searched a search term could be found as a town, repeater location, town in a different area/state/country etc.

Sort order is by distance from current auto location or your location search whichever was used last.

When searching for distant repeaters the location search, worked but the app would not retain that location, so I could not sort the repeaters I was interested in, VHF, FM only.

Use search to pick a town as your location, you will be returned to the main dashboard displaying a filtered (Band, Mode etc) list of repeaters near your chosen location. The GPS icon can then be used to switch between your live GPS location and the last searched for location.

How can I clear the Search History.

The last 20 search terms are stored, the oldest are overwritten as new ones are added. There is currently no way to clear the list.

Searching on my town name gives different results to auto location for my town.

A town name “Sterling” - auto location in the town and the location stored in the geo database of the town are likely to differ. For example Auto location - FM18HX. Geo database location FM19GA. Likely to return different results.


Will BlueCat for Icom not only work with Android phones and RepeaterBook, but also with a Windows laptop and "Ham Radio Deluxe"

BlueCAT presents a standard Bluetooth 2 SPP interface. Although we can not warrant it with third party software over which we have no control, many people have successfully used it with different Android, PC, Linux and Mac (desktop only) apps.

Does BlueCAT work with Apple iPhone?

BlueCAT does not currently work with Apple iPhone/iPad devices due to restrictions by Apple. We hope to have a new version for Apple devices in the near future.  

FTM 400 support for BlueCAT?

Sorry not at the moment. The 400 does not have a CAT style programming interface.

991A support for BlueCAT?

Sorry not at the moment. The 991a does not have the same CAT connector as the BlueCAT 857.

Any plans to add Baofeng radios to RepeaterBook compatibility list?

We would like to add programming Chinese radios to the Repeater book app, unfortunately most do not have a documented programming interface. There are also many different firmware/versions to deal with.

Comments or Suggestions?

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions. RepeaterBook has developed as the result of feedback from keen Hams worldwide. Thanks!

Any thoughts or questions on RepeaterBook? Please consider rating and reviewing RepeaterBook on the app store.

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