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Admin Responsibilities

If you are thinking about being an admin, the following are reasons to NOT sign up:

  • You just want to update your own repeaters
  • You have just a small list of repeaters you want to update on your own

If these are your reasons, you should just add the repeaters through the modules provided or email the list to the admin.

Admins must be willing to dedicate considerable time to managing the repeaters in the entire area assigned. Managing the repeaters includes:

  • Managing repeater edit requests
  • Managing repeater add requests
  • Managing repeater reviews and comments
  • Researching repeater information from repeater owners, trustees, users, coordination entities, websites, and publications
  • Personally verifying the operational status of repeaters
  • Be a regular on repeaters and nets in the area
  • Take advantage of opportunities to promote the site
  • Test various functions available to users in your area, like searches, maps, and exports.
  • Recheck every repeater every two years
  • Recommend repeaters for travelers using the Route module
  • Be willing to be a repeater expert in your area

All user generated requests to add or edit a repeater are to be handled within two days, but same day should be the norm. Current admins should be willing to resign or take a leave of absence if availability or interest changes.

It is vitally important that the database be as accurate as possible. Repeaterbook lives and dies by the data that is available for users. Also, updates must be timely as slow updates discourage users from providing updates. Encouraging users to submit updates to repeaters is the most efficient way to keep the database up to date.

Every area will see an update at least once per week. Busier areas can see daily updates. You must be willing to deal with this load to be an admin. Failing to complete updates in a timely manner forces the site admin to complete the updates which takes time away from site development via programming.

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