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TravelPlus Export

TravelPlus for Repeaters was an electronic companion to the ARRL publication known as The ARRL Repeater Directory, which is still in production. The printed directory is still published, however, TravelPlus has been replaced by a third-party vendor and the printed version is no longer curated by the ARRL.

TravelPlus was installed on a PC as an application. The application allowed for exporting data. The data could be exported in the CSV or TPE formats. Many radio manufacturers support importing repeater data in these formats, even though the ARRL no longer produces the TravelPlus application.

Because so many radio manufacturers continue to support the TravelPlus export formats, Repeatearbook has also been built to allow exports in that format.

The CSV and TPE formats are both comma-separated formats. They just have different filetypes associated with them.

Supported Searches

Search Page North America
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Keyword Operational
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Multi-State Testing
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Nationwide Testing
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Travel Operational

Export Parameters

Repeaterbook default value is BOLD.

Field Name Value
Sequence Auto-incremented, beginning at 1.
Band 29.5-29.7 MHz (10 m), 51-54 MHz (6 m), 144-148 MHz (2 m), 222-225 MHz (1.25 m), 420-450 MHz (70 cm), 902-928 MHz (33 cm), 1240 MHz & Above.
Country USA, CANADA, Mexico.
State US state, Mexican state, or Canadian Province.
Region null
Location Nearest city and landmark.
Output Frequency Repeater downlink frequency.
Input Frequency If the split is standard then show the symbol (+, -). If it's odd or simplex, then display the uplink freq.
Call Sign Repeater call sign.
Repeater Tone Uplink tone.
Repeater Notes a=Autopatch, e=Emergency Power, RB=Remote Base, r=RACES, s=ARES, WX=Weather Nets, x=Wide Area. Downlink tones also included.
CTCSS Tones Repeater uplink tone.
Sponsor null

Export Notes

The TravelPlus exports do not notate in any way if the repeater supports a digital mode, such as DMR or D-Star.

The Kenwood MCP-2A software does not import split channels properly. It imports split channels as simplex channels.

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