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Yaesu ADMS-7

The Yaesu ADMS-7 software is specifically for programming the Yaesu FTM-400DR radio. It utilizes a personal computer to quickly enter and save the FTM-400DR memory channel frequency and data. Also, the menu settings may be configured for individual operating preferences. All of the information is saved.

The data can be transferred from the PC to the radio via a microSD card. No cables are necessary when transferring the the microSD card.

A microSD card is not included with the radio but can be purchased separately.

An alternative method for programming the radio is with the optional SCU-19 PC connection cable for USB (the SCU-19 is included in the optional SCU-39 kit). The CT-169 cable can be used when using a COM port connection.

Importing / Exporting

The way this software works is being investigated so that the RepeaterBook export file will be compatible.

Supported Searches

Search Page North America Rest of World
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Feature Operational Operational
Keyword Operational Operational
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Multi-State Development Planned
Proximity Operational Operational
Proximity 2.0 Operational Development Planned
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Travel Operational

CSV Format

There are no header field names in the file. RepeaterBook defaults are BOLD.

Field Name Field Value
Channel No Sequential beginning with 1.
Receive Frequency
Transmit Frequency Auto-calculated by the ADMS
Offset Frequency Shift in MHz
Offset Direction -RPT, +RPT, -/+, OFF
Operating Mode AM, FM, NFM
CTCSS Frequency Repeater uplink tone or 88.5
DCS Code Repeater uplink DCS Code or 023
User CTCSS 1500 Hz
Step 12.5KHz
Clock ShiftOFF


The end-user is responsible for making sure the export does not contain modes and frequencies that are unsupported by the radio.

Procedure for File Editing

  • Complete a search on RepeaterBook and export the data. If Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer, the file may automatically open with Excel
  • Change the extension to .txt.
  • Using Excel, open the program.
  • Using the Text Import Wizard, select Comma as the delimiter and the column with “+RPT” and “-RPT” as a Text data format.
  • You can renumber Column A as desired but rows 1 - 900 MUST be present.
  • Make sure there is a “0” in column BB of any newly added rows.
  • Save the file as a .CSV.

There is an alternative method for editing in Excel. After the file downloads:

  • It is possible to edit the file with Excel. Column F is the potential issue. This is the repeater Offset Direction field with “-RPT”, “+RPT”, “-/+”, and “OFF” as possible values. Any field with a leading operator such as “-” and “+” will be interpreted by Excel as a faulty equation and will display “#NAME?”. If the file is saved while “#NAME?” is displayed, the original offset value will be overwritten with “#NAME?” and cause the file to error when imported into the programming software. ALL of column F must be manually adjusted before saving the file.
  • You can renumber Column A as desired but rows 1 - 900 MUST be present.
  • Make sure there is a “0” in column BB of any newly added rows.
  • Save the file as a .CSV.
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