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Yaesu VX-7R

The Yaesu VX-7R is a tri-band HT. It can transmit on 50/144/430 MHz. The receiver is capable of 0.5 - 999 MHz (cellular blocked). The 900 MHz cellular blocking makes it impossible to hear 900 MHz repeater outputs.

The VX-7R has a capacity for up to 900 memory channels.


A programming cable is required to interface with a PC.

The VX-7R can be programmed with the following applications:


  1. Power the radio down.
  2. Attach the programming to the radio MIC/SP jack on the top of the radio (protip: Remove the antenna. It's better to turn the radio around the plug instead of turning the plug itself. The antenna tends to catch on the cable).
  3. Plug the USB end into your radio and verify the COM Port in the application settings.
  4. To place the radio into cloning mode, press and hold the [MON-F] key while turning the radio on (“CLONE” will appear on the display).
  5. Press the [V/M] key (“CLONE WAIT” will appear on the screen).
  6. Begin the export from the application.


If pressing the [V/M] key does not place the radio into “CLONE WAIT”, then this is likely because the keypad is locked. Power the radio down, then power it back up. Press and hold the TX PO LK button until the lock symbol on the screen turns off.

When exporting to CHIRP, you may notice there may be fewer memory channels exported than what was found in the search. This is because CHIRP does not currently support the programming of any DMR radios. Therefore, DMR repeaters are filtered from the export. Other exports like TravelPlus do not perform this filtering and you may need to manually weed your memory channels to avoid attempting to send analog FM transmissions to a digital repeater.

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