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Travel Search

The travel search is a search along routes and highways. It will display all nominated repeaters along the selected route. Routes can be limited to just one state or province.


How are repeaters added to the Travel Search Results?

Repeaters are associated with a route by a module that only admins have access to. When they add the repeater to the route, it becomes available in the Travel Search module. It will also display the flag for the route it covers.

Visitors to the site may nominate a repeater to a route by adding the route into the coverage field while updating a repeater. Visitors should also mention that they are nominating the route coverage in the “note to admin” section of the edit request form.

Repeaters are not added automatically simply because they are along the route. They must be nominated and manually entered.

Yes. Just because a repeater has physical coverage of a route it may not be a good fit for this module.

The Travel Search is designed to show a list of repeaters for a visitor traveling through the area. Imagine yourself as that traveler coming through on a highway at 55 MPH+ and would like to hold a QSO, get some local information, or report an emergency. The repeater should represent the following criteria:

  • Wide area coverage. Low-level repeaters that cover a route for just a few miles should not be added. Visitors will travel through the coverage area too rapidly.
  • Frequently monitored. If the repeater is not well used or no one is listening, it is not of much use.
  • Friendly. The repeater needs to be friendly to visitors coming through.


Type Status
Anytone 868 In Development
Anytone 878 In Development
CHIRP Operational
CSV Operational
GPX Operational
Kenwood HMK Operational
RT Systems Operational
TravelPlus CSV/TPE Operational
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